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Dental parallelometer

• Classic Klamrograph / Parallerometer
• One frame with a tool gripper.
• The whole is based on bearings thanks to which we have the accuracy and light arm guidance.
• Very stable base.
• In each model, a table for models set on a ball in any position.
• Shoulder and analyzer or stylus lock at any height.


- kpl. analyzers (0.25 / 0.5 / 0.75)
- graphite stylus for marking the protuberances covered with a metal tube


Temporarily unavailable, only group orders - schools / students

Gross prices:

•    personal collection PLN 1450
•    after paying PLN 1470 to your account
•    payable on receipt of PLN 1475



Milling machine - Klamrograf type 3

Type 3 - Simple Milling machine, Clamps with milling function - without micromotor, with reduction for quick assembly / disassembly of your own micromotor. The set includes an adapter for your micromotor or we propose a micromotor for PLN 750 gross

• The table on the ball is blocked in any position,
• Strong clamp holding models,
• Table for removable and screwed models for the milling machine base,
• Includes arcade analyzers 0,25 / 0,5 / 0,75, scribing mark and wax scraper 0 degrees
• Arms on bearings (not on slide sleeves!) Locked in any position.
• Tool gripper locked at any height.
• A milling frame with a micromotor holder. You can mount any micromotor that is already on the studio's equipment. The set includes a reduction sleeve for the selected micromotor.
• Up / down stroke adjustment, position lock.
• Proposed purchase of a Marathon Escort3 micromotor (35 thousand / rev, 80Wat, right / left rotation) with a spindle adapted for milling at a price of 1250 PLN Gross


Gross prices:

•    personal collection PLN 3955
•    after depositing PLN 3,975 into your account
•    payable on receipt of PLN 3 980


THIS IS A BUCKHOUSE WITH MILLING POSSIBILITIES - you can do all the work in the milling cutter technique, but it is not a typical milling machine like eg UNI "1" TYPE or UNI NEW




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